Kay Beadman Art  installation Hong kong  Endless singularity 1

Endless singularity, 2015


kay mei ling beadman art ink drawing movement embodied identity enrobed

Enrobed II, in Still here, still, moving, 2015

kay mei ling beadman art show remembering body duality indentity installation

The Remembering Body, 2015

After two years of research and art making I've completed my Masters. I put on three separate shows as part of my finals. The first, Endless Singularity was an installation made from felt that filled the space, carpeting the entire floor and with semi abstract shapes based on amplified body movements rising up the walls. Still here, still, moving brought together works in a wide range of media, including print, ink drawing, video and installation, with an emphasis on both duality and aspects of drawing. The final assessment show was The Remembering Body. In this selection the focus was on embodied identity and the representation of the complexity of a dual narrative.

kay mei ling beadman remembering body exhibition embodied identity art duality
kay mei ling beadman art installation video dance through identity duality 2

Through, 2015

looped video 02:44, looped muslin screen, acrylic rods, monofilament, projector, projector housing, dimensions variable

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