My solo show is now on at the Barefoot Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka, extended until 29 April.

This work takes the shoe as a motif that evokes a human presence; that may literally contain the imprint of the wearer. There are two distinct series that I worked on in parallel for the show. In both, the shoe substitutes for the absent human figure. In the still life series, the shoe is juxtaposed with objects to intentionally suggest a narrative, whereas in the single shoe series I was interested in abstracting areas of the painting to remove obvious narrative whilst allowing colour and the representation of a single object to evoke a reality without overtly defining it.

I chose shoes for both their physical variety and the associations that they provoke. Here is a man-made artifact that encompasses the mundane to the iconic, that may be workaday functional or an aspirational object of desire.

The poem The Broken Sandal, by Denise Levertov, was the starting point for both series. In it she dreams her sandal strap breaks leaving her barefoot and meditating on life’s direction: “Where am I standing, if I’m to stand still now?”

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