Grace repeat

Grace repeat, 2013, pencil on paper, 110 x 79cm

I've been exploring aspects of identity and individual experience. Here I was trying to find a way to represent a subtle physical and mental change. We talk about how we are different people at different times in our lives, or we say something was a lifetime ago, or in another life, or that we're older and wiser, and so on. And who isn't acutely aware of the changes that become inscribed on our bodies over time? Together age and experience may reap change in both obvious physical ways and less overtly in shifting attitudes or expanded knowledge but I was also thinking about how on a molecular level cells die from second to second and we are literally different from moment to moment.

In this pencil drawing, I drew the figure on the right first then tried to redraw another version alongside as identically as I could, but inevitably they are minutely different.

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