Recently, I had the chance to curate a pop-up show with artist Katie Ho in the Gallery of Hong Kong Art School at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Curated, assembled and installed in a day - there's nothing like a deadline for getting organised and finishing work! The show itself, Passageway, was fleeting, but the experience gave us a whole new insight into the complexity of curating a coherent show.


Artworks from Passageway (clockwise from top left): Anna Chung, Roof Top, 2015, paper, wood, metal wire, thread, dimensions variable; Katie Ho, Skull, 2015, newsprint, masking tape, 70 x 70 cm; Tina Choi, Untitled, 2015, clear tape, plastic wrap, 16 x 8.5 x 13 cm; Chi Wong, Passage, 2015, looped video, 05:00; Matthew Tsang, Smoke, 2015, aluminium foil, dimensions variable; Kay Mei Ling Beadman, Swathe, 2015, felt, dimensions variable.

kay mei ling beadman art felt identity Swathe

Swathe, 2015

felt, dimensions variable

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