This Time, Hong Kong, 11-20 September 2015

kay mei ling exhibition This time
kay mi ling beadman artists gard show masters exhibition pao galleries

This Time, my MFA graduate show is on at the Pao Galleries, Hong Kong, until 20 September.




Choreograph 2, 2015, felt, dimensions variable


This time show2
This time show
Class 11

Class 11: Any other, unclassified, exotic, e.g. Lone Star, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 91.5 x 122cm


a short story about gardening and time travel

A short story about gardening and time travel, 2015, installation, framed 18th C botanical print, armchair, headphones, mp3 player, audio 08:51, overall dimensions variable


Tropical Lab 9: Island, Singapore, 6 August – 10 September 2015

Tropical Lab is an annual summer residency at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. This year I was one of 26 artists brought from around the world from as far afield as Indonesia, Japan, Serbia, Australia the UK and USA. We were invited to respond to the notion of island and the resulting show, Tropical Lab 9: Island, runs until 10 September at the ICA. If you're in Singapore drop in.


ICA Singapore

Terrain, 2015

felt, dimensions variable

kay beadman art installation drawing felt calligraphy terrain 9
Tropical Lab Flyer

The Remembering Body, Hong Kong, 9-20 July 2015

Kay Beadman Art  installation Hong kong  Endless singularity 1

Endless singularity, 2015


kay mei ling beadman art ink drawing movement embodied identity enrobed

Enrobed II, in Still here, still, moving, 2015

kay mei ling beadman art show remembering body duality indentity installation

The Remembering Body, 2015

After two years of research and art making I've completed my Masters. I put on three separate shows as part of my finals. The first, Endless Singularity was an installation made from felt that filled the space, carpeting the entire floor and with semi abstract shapes based on amplified body movements rising up the walls. Still here, still, moving brought together works in a wide range of media, including print, ink drawing, video and installation, with an emphasis on both duality and aspects of drawing. The final assessment show was The Remembering Body. In this selection the focus was on embodied identity and the representation of the complexity of a dual narrative.

kay mei ling beadman remembering body exhibition embodied identity art duality
kay mei ling beadman art installation video dance through identity duality 2

Through, 2015

looped video 02:44, looped muslin screen, acrylic rods, monofilament, projector, projector housing, dimensions variable

Peripheral, Australia, 21 April – 3 August 2015

My solo exhibition Peripheral is part of the Lightscape Projects series in Melbourne, Australia. The project utilises purpose built light boxes installed in public spaces around the city. Peripheral brings together related artworks from my interdisciplinary practice: a detail from a painting on canvas, ink drawings on paper, a mixed media felt on canvas piece and three stills from a video performance.

kay mei ling beadman art identity duality Cloak

Cloak, 2015

felt and acrylic on canvas, 122 x 91.5 cm

Passageway, Hong Kong, 25-27 April 2015

Recently, I had the chance to curate a pop-up show with artist Katie Ho in the Gallery of Hong Kong Art School at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Curated, assembled and installed in a day - there's nothing like a deadline for getting organised and finishing work! The show itself, Passageway, was fleeting, but the experience gave us a whole new insight into the complexity of curating a coherent show.


Artworks from Passageway (clockwise from top left): Anna Chung, Roof Top, 2015, paper, wood, metal wire, thread, dimensions variable; Katie Ho, Skull, 2015, newsprint, masking tape, 70 x 70 cm; Tina Choi, Untitled, 2015, clear tape, plastic wrap, 16 x 8.5 x 13 cm; Chi Wong, Passage, 2015, looped video, 05:00; Matthew Tsang, Smoke, 2015, aluminium foil, dimensions variable; Kay Mei Ling Beadman, Swathe, 2015, felt, dimensions variable.

kay mei ling beadman art felt identity Swathe

Swathe, 2015

felt, dimensions variable

BURNING, Hong Kong, 14-20 December 2014


My installation Pyriscence will be shown in BURNING, a group exhibition by 12 Hong Kong artists. The works range from video installation, drawing, lightscape and performance, linked through both the burning theme and being developed on site in relation to each other. The venue is not a traditional white cube but an alternative space; a lowrise rooftop in the heart of the city overshadowed by towering skyscrapers.


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, 2-5 October 2014


Some of my paintings will be featured by BZ Art Studio at the Asia Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong, 2 - 5 October. Galleries from around the world will be taking over four floors of the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong and turning it into an art fair showcasing painting, prints, photographs and sculpture. We'll be on the 40th floor, Rm 4008.

For more information about the event go to

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.19.01 PM

SIX, Lightscape Projects, Australia, 17 June – 28 September 2014

web lightscape flyer 2

My painting Ancestor II has been selected for the exhibition Lightscape Projects: SIX in Melbourne, Australia. Lightscape Projects are thirteen purpose built light boxes installed in three lanes around the city. This is an initiative that provides an alternative to the traditional gallery space, bringing contemporary artwork into the urban environment and making it accessible to the wider community.

Mine's the sliver on the far left of the flyer.

web lightscape flyer 1

This Must be the Place, Australia, 18-27 June 2014

web still through 1
web still through 3
web still through 2

Stills from Through

Two of my videos, Through and How to take a passport photo, have been selected for the show This Must be the Place at the RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. The exhibition includes work by current Melbourne and Hong Kong students and alumni of the School of Art Master of Fine Art programme and is curated by Katie Paine in collaboration with Coalesce ARI. If you can't make it to Melbourne, take a look at the videos here.

web News show
web news passport still

Still from How to take a passport photo


Grace repeat

Grace repeat, 2013, pencil on paper, 110 x 79cm

I've been exploring aspects of identity and individual experience. Here I was trying to find a way to represent a subtle physical and mental change. We talk about how we are different people at different times in our lives, or we say something was a lifetime ago, or in another life, or that we're older and wiser, and so on. And who isn't acutely aware of the changes that become inscribed on our bodies over time? Together age and experience may reap change in both obvious physical ways and less overtly in shifting attitudes or expanded knowledge but I was also thinking about how on a molecular level cells die from second to second and we are literally different from moment to moment.

In this pencil drawing, I drew the figure on the right first then tried to redraw another version alongside as identically as I could, but inevitably they are minutely different.